Catch it by the tail is a podcast of songs, stories and poems for young and old but in particular children aged 4 and up. 

The program features contemporary material along with classics from the past. It also features content made especially for it: stories and poems performed by actors, authors reading their work and kids being themselves in all sorts of different ways. 

The show doesn’t underestimate its audience and it isn’t selling anything except a good time. Listen alone or with others. Listen when you’re stuck in traffic, at home on a rainy afternoon, when you’re going to bed or when you’re busy doing stuff. Listen anytime, any place! 

Be part of it: send in a contribution, a message or good advice – visit the Contact page for details.  

Catch it by the tail is produced by Sally Zwartz. Sally is a writer and interviewer with an MA in children’s literature and a passion for anything that helps get kids listening, reading, writing and singing. See more of what Sally gets up to here.

A lot of the music is by Peter Dasent, composer, pianist and superb musical doodler. Find out more about what he does here.

Catch it by the tail is hosted at and supported by Sydney community radio station Eastside 89.7FM – thank you! Listen here.

Why Catch it by the tail?  Because an adventure might happen – like the one below …

‘One night a shooting star flashed by. The Moon Man leaped just in time to catch the fiery tail of the Comet … ‘
From Moon Man, by Tomi Ungerer