Episode 4: On bicycles

On bicycles – Another episode with an outdoor theme. Bicyclists young and older share tips and stories and there’s some music to get everyone up and pedalling.


  • Ryan, Soumia, Alison, Owen and Ariel talk about bicycling
  • ‘When you ride’, Frank Luther, from Songs of Safety
  • ‘The Pushbike Song’, the Mixtures
Soumia, who bicycled on her own from Toronto to Mexico City …
… and Ryan, on a 560k trail that he cycled with his family in New Zealand.


More of the Mixtures and their 1971 hit, here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3LZ9TGOGt04

And check out this great novel (not for younger readers), in which bicycles have a starring role.

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