Episode 9: Go the trombone

Not enough people appreciate the pleasures of the trombone (no statistical evidence for this) so this episode attempts to spread the joy. There’s a special guest, some irresistible good time tromboning and a very relevant story, written and read by Melbourne author Meredith Costain (see more below) – huge thanks to her.


  • About playing the trombone/Danny Boy – Zoe
  • ‘Papa-Ooh-MauMau’ – Harold Betters, 100 Lounge Classics
  • Musical Harriet – written by Meredith Costain, illustrated by Craig Smith and read for Catch it by the tail by Meredith Costain.


Meredith says the idea for Musical Harriet came from the time she was playing piano in a band with a trombone player called Rock. Rock was teaching a girl in Grade 3 who, like Harriet, was desperate to play the trombone, but her arms were too short to push the slide down far enough. So he came up with an ingenious solution, just like Harriet does. 

Sue Bradley, another musical friend, was on the hunt for a ‘serious black dress’ to play on a concert stage in Darwin at the time, so this ended up in the story as well. And the ‘serious black dress’ in turn became the inspiration for a piano solo by Sydney composer Elena Kats-Chernin, called ‘Variations in a Serious Black Dress.’

You can find out more about Meredith’s books at www.meredithcostain.com

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